Meeting Point Terms & Conditions

1.1 “The Hotel / We, Us and Our” means “Admiral Hotel / Interigre d.o.o.” 
1.2 “The Client / You and Your” means the organizing body/company/agency and organizer responsible for commissioning and payment of the Function. 
1.3 “Function” means meeting, conference, seminar, workshop or similar to be held at Admiral Meeting Point. 
1.4 “The Contract” means the agreement between the Hotel and the Client for a specific booking or series of bookings as detailed in the Contract/Offer. 
2.1 Operating hours of the Admiral Meeting Point are from 09:00 - 18:00 hours. 
2.2 Full day meeting room/conference hall rental includes 9 hours, from 09:00 - 18:00 hours. 
2.3 Half day meeting room/conference hall rental includes 4 hours, with a choice from 09:00 - 13:00 or 14:00 - 18:00 hours. 
3.1 The signed Contract must be returned to the Hotel within 7 days of the date of issue. If the date of your Function is within 7 days, it must be returned within 24 hours. 
3.2 If the signed Contract is not returned by the date specified under Article 3, paragraph 3.1, the Hotel reserves the right to release the booking and re-let the facilities. 
3.3 Numbers and arrangements as advised to the Hotel at the time of confirmation are shown on the Contract. 
4.1 A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 40% of the cost of your Function is payable upon confirmation of your booking. The deposit can be paid by company credit card or payment into the bank account via proforma/offer. 
4.2 Payment of the balance of the booking value of the Function is due 8 business days before the Function. The balance can be paid by company credit card or payment into the bank account via proforma/offer. 
4.3 The Client is also obliged to pay, within 7 days of the date of our invoice, for all foods, beverages and other services requested by you, your employees, guests, customers, clients or invitees during the Function, and which are not included within the agreed Meeting Point package or rate per room, or per guest, except in so far as you have instructed us in writing to obtain cash settlement from persons requesting such food, beverage or other services. 
Upon signature of the Contract or subsequent to the signing of the Contract, the Client agrees to guarantee by company credit card any potential incidental costs that may emerge during the period of the Function, such as extra foods and beverages or any other product or service supplied by the Hotel, that are payable according to Article 4. 
6.1 If you cancel your booking with us in its entirety, or in part for example by reducing the number of rooms and/or number of guests attending, we will levy cancellation charges.  
6.2 You are allowed to modify/cancel the reservation by email or fax: - At least 30 days prior to the arrival date - no cancellation fees apply and a refund of the total booking value / cost of room or per guest shall be granted. - At least 20 days prior to the arrival date - 70% refund of the total booking value / cost of room or per guest shall be granted. - At least 10 days prior to the arrival date - 30% refund of the total booking value / cost of room or per guest shall be granted. - If the time for cancelling without penalty has passed, the forfeiture amount will be 100%. There may be additional applicable charges and taxes. 
6.3 The cancellation charges are based on the total amount of the booking value, not on the prepaid 40% upon booking confirmation. 6.4 All notices of cancellation to the Hotel must be in writing. 6.5 The Hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith or reserves the right to offer alternative facilities without any responsibility on its part, in the event of: - Any occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the Hotel which shall prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with the booking. - If the booking might prejudice or damage the reputation of the Hotel. - If the Client is more than 30 days in arrears of previous payment to the Hotel. - If the Hotel becomes aware of any alteration in the Client’s financial situation, that is if the Client becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation and receivership. 6.6 In the event that the Hotel cancels the booking due to reasons stated in the previous paragraph, it shall refund all advance payments made, but will have no further liability to the Client. 
7.1 You are obliged to notify us no less than 14 days prior to the Function of the final numbers of guests attending your Function including bedrooms, timings, menus and any special needs. 
7.2 In the event that the number attending the Function exceeds the number advised at the time of the booking, we shall use our reasonable endeavours to provide service and accommodation if required, for the increased numbers of attendees/guests. We shall levy additional charges at the agreed rate per guest, or per room, for such increased numbers. 
7.3 In the event that the number attending the Function is less than advised at the time of the booking, we reserve the right, in addition to our rights in respect of cancellation under Article 6, to move the Function from any venue agreed at the time of booking to a venue which is suitable for the numbers attending. 
7.4 In the event of circumstances beyond our control, we may offer an alternative choice of an equivalent standard. 
8.1 You are obliged to submit the rooming list for the booked and confirmed accommodation at the latest 14 days prior to the Function, as stated in Article 5, unless stated differently in the Contract. Any unnamed rooms will automatically be released 7 days prior to arrival.  
8.2 After submission of the rooming list, any rooms cancelled thereafter will be charged. 
8.3 Regarding confirmed accommodation, check-in time is 15:00 hours and check-out time is 11:00 hours. Failure to comply with these times without our consent may result in your incurring additional charges. 
8.4 If guests with confirmed accommodation do not arrive, the rules as set in the Hotel’s No-Show Policy shall apply. 
8.5 We reserve the right to change accommodation offered but will use our reasonable endeavours to provide the accommodation selected and to give you as much notice as reasonably possible of any proposed variation to the accommodation arrangements. 
8.6 The rates quoted are based on the stated amount of guests/rooms/menus and exact dates. In case of change of dates and/or amount of rooms reserved and number of guests/menus, the Hotel shall consider these changes as a new inquiry and shall propose a new Offer. 
9.      PRICES      
All prices specified are inclusive of VAT according to Croatian Law. 
10.1 In case of arranging outside equipment, the same must be in accordance with the Hotel rules and regulations. A prior approval of the Hotel is needed. 
10.2 The Hotel does not permit outside entertainment or services as well as outside food or beverages to be brought to the Meeting Point function rooms and Hotel premises. 
11.1 The Hotel accepts no liability for loss of, or damage to, property brought onto the Hotel premises and which is owned by or in custody of you, your employees, guests, customers, clients, or invitees. 
11.2 You shall be responsible for any damage caused by you, your employees, guests, customers, clients or invitees to the Hotel premises, whether in the Meeting Point function rooms or rooms reserved or in any other part of the Hotel or outside of the Hotel, including but not limited to furnishings, utensils or equipment during the Function and stay or as a result of the Function and stay at the Hotel, and shall indemnify us against the cost of repair or replacement thereof. 
11.3 The Hotel shall not be liable for any failure to provide or delay in providing facilities and services as a result of events or matters outside its control. 
11.4 We are unable to guarantee exclusive use of the Hotel for any event and reserve the right to take additional bookings in our Meeting Point function rooms and Restaurant at any time. 
 If the Contract is signed by an Agency for the Client, then the Agency thereby asserts that it has the full authority of the Client to make this agreement. In the event of any breach by the Client or Agency of any of the terms of this agreement, the Agency and the Client shall be jointly and severally liable to us therefore. 
You are advised to secure your own insurance policy against any    cancellation charges for which you could be liable under this agreement, as well as to cover your property within the Hotel. Insurance can also cover non-appearance of speakers or delegates, property damage at or to the venue or its contents, third party bodily injury, third party damage and loss or damage to your property or equipment, including that hired by yourself. The Hotel does not accept liability for these. 
14.1  No advertisement, notice, sign, decoration, flag, emblem or device referring to the function may be attached to or displayed in or about the   interior or exterior of the Hotel without prior approval of the Hotel.  
14.2 The use of the Hotel’s name and logo in announcements and displays is subject to approval from the Hotel. The Hotel’s name and logo may be used in publicity, only once all promotional material has been approved by us.  
14.3 Whilst the Hotel has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in tariffs, brochures, leaflets and advertisements is accurate, we reserve the right to alter, substitute or withdraw any service, facility or amenity without notice if necessary. 
This Agreement and the attached Contract/Offer contain the entire and    only agreement between us and supersede all previous agreements Made between us in relation to the Function. 
By signing the Contract you expressly declare that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms set out herein. 
The Hotel reserves the right to add to, or alter or amend any of the   above Terms and Conditions. 
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